Action platformer Ironworm is now available for iOS, Mac OS, PC, and WebOS.

From the press release:

    Ironworm is an action packed platformer that uses an interesting worm physics concept developed at 10tons. The goal of the game is to fight through vast numbers of enemies towards a final showdown. In the final showdown the player meets the villainous Boss Bug who is the evil primus motor behind the everlasting war between bugs and worms.

    “It was a blast creating Ironworm. We wanted to do another take with the worm physics and I think this takes the concept to a completely new direction. The game is 100% hard rock action from the very first level to the last!”, commented Sampo Töyssy from 10tons.

    Ironworm is available immediately for iOS, Mac OS X, PC, and webOS. Ironworm is designed to work on both phones and tablets. Other platforms including Android, bada, and Symbian will follow later.