Get a new solitaire game with Tower Solitaire vs. Friends. The game is now available for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

From the press release:

    One of the most popular card games of all time is now available on you iPhone or iPad thanks to indie mobile game studio, Neon Play. Tower Solitaire vs Friends will appeal to everyone due to the beautiful visuals and the simple, but rewarding gameplay.

    Tower Solitaire vs Friends is fantastically easy to play, the player must select a card that is above of below the current card in the deck. For example, if a two pops out then tap an ace or three, if a Jack displays select a ten or Queen. The round is complete once all three card pyramids have been put back into the deck.

    Despite this simplicity, hitting the high scores is not always quite so easy. Big scores are determined by having time and ‘deck cards’ left at the end of each round. Each consecutive round gives the player less and less time to clear the pyramids – so it can get quite tricky.

    “Think you’re good at cards or nifty with a puzzle? Well, now you can find out exactly how you compare by playing against your Facebook friends.”

    Players can see which friend or family member is the King or Queen of Cards thanks to the live weekly leaderboards. Fortunately, there is a selection of in-game boosts that can help players knock their Auntie Julie or competitive boss off of the top spot…

    •JOKER – Stuck? Any card can follow the Joker.
    •EXTRA TIME – Start each round with an extra 10 seconds.
    •AUTO FLIP – Flips cards automatically if you can’t play.
    •UNDO – Missed a card? Just undo it.
    •X2 – Start each round with a speed bonus.

    There are some very rare, super-powerful ‘Royal Boosts’ available in the game, titled ‘Second Chance’ and ‘Mega Flip’. Players can also send gifts to other players and show off their scores by issuing challenges.

    “Tower Solitaire vs Friends showcases a new direction for us”, said Neon Play CEO, Oli Christie. “It has been amazing to see the entire studio gripped by the game and compete in the evenings and weekends to be the best…So far 71,000 is my best score!”