From the press release:

    CAMBRIDGE, MA / PORTLAND, OR – April 23, 2007 – GuildCafe, the social networking site for gamers, by gamers, today announced its partnership with the Uberguilds Gaming Network. Uberguilds is an online host for leading guilds and fansites across the MMO community. GuildCafe will be the social networking engine for the Uberguilds network, which boasts well-known guilds including Silky Venom, Fires of Heaven, and Death and Taxes, and receives more than 20 million page views every month within its member sites.

    “The Uberguilds Gaming Network is home to some of the most dedicated MMO fans around, and as a newer online community, GuildCafe is proud to be selected as Uberguilds’ partner in an effort to serve those fans even better,” said Jon Radoff, CEO of GuildCafe Entertainment Inc. “We hope to offer all guilds tools to empower their members to meet the social, administrative and communication demands of running organizations that span hundreds of people, many of whom have never met and are located around the globe.”

    Using input from some of the largest guilds in the world, the companies will create content and software that enriches the online gaming experience for all players. Already, gamers may use GuildCafe to locate the highest-rated gaming content from the network as well as from the Internet, such as strategy guides and videos of raid bosses vanquished by member guilds. As the community evolves, members can expect to interact with veteran online gamers and guilds and use their knowledge and experience to enhance their own successful gaming groups.

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