Retro Buck is back in Buck Rogers Begins. Over 20 levels of side scrolling action awaits.

From the press release:

    SquidJuice, in association with The Dille Family Trust, present “Buck Rogers® Begins – Mission to Saturn” for iPhone/iPad, available today in all territories. Based on Retro Films’ “Buck Rogers® Begins”.

    Remember the days when you would save part of your lunch money to spend at the video game arcade at the end of the week? Now you can re-live those memories with Buck Rogers®.

    ● Classic side scrolling arcade action
    ● Fly Buck’s Curtiss Jenny in World War 1, then zip to the future and fly with Bucks Jetpack or Quad Wing Fighter as seen in the “Buck Rogers® Begins” teaser by Retro Films Studios
    ● Immerse yourself in the retro-style comic written by the legendary Flint Dille (Transformers, G.I. Joe, AnAmericanTail: FievelGoesWest ) and Jeff Woodruff
    ● 20 levels of old fashioned arcade fun with stunning HD graphics.
    ● Fly through Space, Earth and Mars and beyond
    ● Collect power ups such as the Flamethrower, and gain an advantage over your enemies
    ● And a great mix of old time cinema and modern music styles for the soundtrack

    “Buck Rogers® Begins – Mission to Saturn” is a celebration of the gaming arcades of yesterday, and the return of a science fiction hero to the world of video games.