Another puzzle game is now available for the iPad. Pick it up for free on the Apple App Store.

From the press release:

    Remember playing with “word magnets” on the family fridge? Well now you can do it on your iPad — and for FREE! (plus you don’t have to carry an entire refrigerator with you)

    Dallas-based Blockdot has released “Magnet-O,” the exciting puzzle game that challenges you to build phrases with those iconic word magnets we all love.

    The “phrases” can be things like movies, songs, famous people, or common expressions (like “dog days of summer”). The faster you make the chain, the more stars you earn!

    To play, simply touch a “word magnet” with your finger and drag it along the game board. Connect it to one of the locked word magnets. If they belong together, they will “grab” onto each other.

    You can choose from 2 fun gameplay modes and over 250 puzzles!

    Additional Features:

    Post your word magnet art to your Facebook page.
    Earn achievements for outstanding game play.
    Touch a button to send a challenge-a-friend email.