From the press release:

    Henry, VA, May 7, 2007 – Lock ‘n Load Publishing, the sole publisher of Lock ‘n Load board games, announced today that their semi-highly anticipated downloadable masterpiece, Island War Deluxe is ready for purchase (

    “We really didn’t want to steal Spiderman’s thunder on his big weekend, but the game was ready, so we put it up,” stated Mark H. Walker, founder and owner of Lock ‘n Load Publishing.

    Island War Deluxe is Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s most ambitious downloadable project yet. A tactical game covering the battles in the South and Central Pacific in World War II, Island War deluxe places the player in the shoes of a Japanese or U.S. Marine company/ battalion commander. The system design is by Mark Walker, Mark and Bill Wilder (The Proud and the Few, numerous Steel Panthers campaigns and scenarios) designed the scenarios, and the art is by Nicolas Eskubi and David Julien.

    Gamers direct squads, leaders, tanks, artillery, and air support across four lush, geomorphic maps as you recreate some of the most famous engagements of the era. They command Marines armed with BARs, M1919A6 and A4 machineguns, flamethrowers, and satchel charges. Order Sherman and Stuart tanks to blast tough cave and bunker emplacements or call on the Navy’s F4F to swoop on the Japanese from above.

    As the Japanese players may lead their soldiers in a Banzai charge, infiltrate them behind enemy lines (without any lame hidden placement rules) and pin down the Americans with Type 96 and Type 92 machine guns. The Japanese also have light and medium tanks, in addition to Betty bombers, at their disposal.

    The game ships with over 131 counters, four geomorphic maps, a simple, yet colorful rules system, and seven scenarios. This engaging game can be downloaded, printed, and ready to play in less time than it takes to watch the Yankees blow a three run lead.

    But wait, that’s not all. If printing isn’t your style, use the complete VASSAL module that ships with the game. The module includes all the counters, charts, maps, and scenarios (with the counters already laid out) you’ll need to play right away. Better still, the module includes a tutorial that teaches the basics of VASSAL as it applies to Island War Deluxe.

    Print and play on your kitchen table, or use your computer at work. You can’t miss. Lock ‘n Load Publishing… More Games, Less Guff.

    Scenarios include:

    Bloody Ridge: The 2/5 Marines try to fight off the Japanese 35th Infantry Brigade as they attack toward Henderson Field.

    Nishi: A Sherman tank helps Marines clear a ridge, laced with caves, near the tip of Iwo Jima.

    Taking the Wanna Ridge: Marines go cave busting near the southern edge of Okinawa. The Japanese play hide ‘n seek, moving from cave to cave.

    In the Sun: A Marine patrol is ambushed. Can they escape massacre on the beaches of Guadalcanal?

    Forerunner: Marines tighten the nose on Mt. Suribachi.

    A Place Called Betio: The beaches of Tarawa. Hard fighting. Air support. Japanese and Marine tanks. Enough said.

    Healing Under Fire: Navy Corpsmen try to save Marine lives, as the Marines try to save the Navy Corspmen.