Elven Legends: Rise of Nightshades announced to be funded with Kickstarter.

From the press release:

    Nexgen, one of the oldest developer and publishers of mobile titles in Singapore, announced today its newest title, Elven Legends: Rise of Nightshades for the AppleĀ® iOS platforms. As a sequel to the multi-award winning mobile game from 2008, this game will deliver AAA quality along with its signature RPG gameplay. There will be a KickStarter campaign later this month to help raise money for this long-awaited title.

    Elven Legends: Rise of the Nightshades is an action-RPG in the same vein as Diablo. The object of the game is to fight through vicious enemy mobs and destroy a powerful boss on each level using a hero that can be leveled up and also strengthened through magical items. Players use a unique touch system to cast spells by dragging a finger across the screen to affect the terrain and any enemies in its path. Dungeon explorers can rely on different magical spells in combination with their attacks to form complex strategies on the battle field and even use the environment as a weapon.

    The game is being developed using the ground-breaking Unreal Development Kit (UDK) to bring rich visuals to this mobile title, and it will also showcase its art in full HD quality.

    This new game is coming hot on the heels of Nexgen’s newest title, Deep Sea Catch, a AAA quality iOS title that will be free to play when it’s released later this month. Both of their new titles are being made for the New iPADĀ® by using enhanced graphics capable of shinning on the iPAD’s new display.