UK house Neon Play released their shooter Bravo Force: Last Stand for iPhone and iPad.

From the press release:

    UK-based mobile games studio Neon Play, has just announced the release of their biggest gaming title to date. The game is heralded as an epic action-arcade shooter and goes by the name of Bravo Force: Last Stand.

    “Prepare yourself soldier, for the most intense battle of your life…”

    Bravo Force: Last Stand begins with an action-packed cut-scene that smoothly guides you into a quick interactive tutorial. Those gamers who have spent hours in an arcade playing Time Crisis games will instantly be familiar with this type of gameplay.

    The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible against waves of enemies who will do their best to shoot you to pieces. Armed an entire arsenal of weaponry and the ability to take cover behind a wall, your job is to ‘tap to shoot’ the incoming enemies.

    Waves grow in difficulty as new enemies arrive with bigger and badder weapons. You’ll see anything from foot-soldiers with AK47s to fearsome heavy artillery – such as machine gunners and tanks (save your RPGs for these!).

    Whilst safely crouched behind a wall you can throw grenades and call in air support in the form of ‘Perks’.

    Perks are a collection of in-game boosts to aid the player – like the perks in the popular Call of Duty titles. They allow the player to access body armor, score multipliers and a new wealth of firepower to use in-game. It’s incredibly addictive to call in an Airstrike, purely to see the explosive carnage and your enemies flying everywhere.

    The simple gameplay mechanic of ‘tap to shoot’ makes Bravo Force: Last Stand instantly accessible to both casual gamers and hardcore fans of first-person shooters. In the online mode there are more than enough competitive and character building elements to keep players coming back for more.

    Getting promoted through the ranks earn you bragging rights that are displayed to your online friends, but also certain promotions offer in-game rewards such as increased health, extra ammo and score multipliers. With over 175 missions to complete, Bravo Force: Last Stand will definitely keep players tapping their trigger finger for months to come.

    “Most of the shooting games on the App Store are quite tricky to play”, says Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play . “Bravo Force: Last Stand has been designed from the ground up to be instantly playable, meaning both casual and hardcore gamers can focus on taking out the bad guys with our natural ‘tap to shoot’ controls.”

    Device Requirements
    iPhone 3GS (or above), iPod Touch (3rd generation and above) or iPad
    Requires iOS 4.0 or later