From the press release:

    SAN DIEGO, CA & TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, today announced that its Taipei-based SOGA studio, in conjunction with Shanghai Northstar is developing a game based on the hit movie Kung Fu Hustle. Designed specifically for the Chinese market, SOGA is also collaborating with development talent from across China to assist in the design and development of the game.

    “Working with Stephen Chow has been a fantastic experience,” says John Laurence, General Manager of [SOGA]. “His sense of humor, directing and martial arts expertise has been an enormous asset for us; he’s an avid video game player, with a strong sense of game design.”

    Kung Fu Hustle combines the best elements of classic fighting games from the past and adds compelling character designs, new technology and trademark humor from the movie for a new generation of gamers. Players will encounter familiar characters from the movie, such as Sin, the Sidekick, the Landlady, Beast and more. Kung Fu Hustle features a branching story mode, where players can hone their Kung Fu skills against a host of wacky enemies as they battle their way across China. By cooperating with friends, players can learn new sets of moves to add to their martial arts arsenal.

    In Versus Mode, eight players can go head to head in all out multiplayer mayhem, creating that old-school arcade feeling online. Gamers can even watch and scout potential opponents online before challenging them.
    While Kung Fu Hustle will be free to play, players will be able to purchase extra lives and hundreds of virtual items for a nominal fee.

    “Kung Fu Hustle represents a decidedly different and exciting direction for SOE in terms of creating territory-specific content utilizing local development talent,” says David D Christensen, Vice President of Business Development & International Operations for Sony Online Entertainment. “We are confident this approach will help us to further extend SOE’s global business.”