Globex releases their first freemium game that is connected to the upcoming MMO Secret Kingdoms Online.

From the press release:

    Secret Kingdoms Mobile is based on the company’s MMO, Secret Kingdoms Online (SKO), which is scheduled to launch online in China later this year.

    “With Secret Kingdoms Mobile, Globex is launching its first entry into the mobile platform space and its commitment to providing connected game experiences across multiple-platforms,” said Carey Chico, President and Chief Creative Officer of Globex Studios LA. “This freemium game introduces players to the World of SKO and its host of whimsical characters and colorful visuals while offering a more casual style arena fighting experience that fits that market.”

    In this initial release, players will get to customize their mount and fight through 30 battles across 3 maps. Players fight through simple swipe and tap combat mechanics which make the game broadly appealing for all age groups.

    In addition, players will be able to purchase potions, weapons, new skills and gems to enhance their gameplay in the item mall. Want to dress up like a pirate? Players can also buy additional character outfits to customize their experience.

    Future updates will allow players to expand on their experience by purchasing new mounts, new map packs and new skills to fight with.

    The game is a free download on your iPhone (3GS or higher) or iPad (any generation) device and is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

    Take the battle to the enemy and uncover the mystery wreaking havoc across the land!

    · SWIPE across enemies to strike them.
    · TAP to parry their attacks.
    · BREAK their blocks with your heavy attacks.
    · UNIQUE SKILL MINIGAMES aid you in your quest to stop the enemy.
    · FIGHTING earns you more gold Spend your gold on gems, potions, weapons, and armor.
    · CUSTOMIZE your Beastman Mount. Is your Beastman a Pirate? A ninja? He could be!
    · EXPLORE the story and learn about the world of Secret Kingdoms Online.