The game launched in the States and Japan on both the PS3 and Wii, but in Europe it will be a PS3 exclusive. This is sad for EU Wii owners, but such is life. The game will be hitting store shelves on May 25th. Rune Factory fans should definitely check this game out, regardless of the system it’s on.

From the press release:

    Top independent games publisher, Rising Star Games, today announced the Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive title Rune Factory Oceans will be available in stores from 25 May. Developed by Neverland and Marvelous Entertainment, the role-playing farming sensation will provide PS3 owners with an experience of activities and adventure never before seen on the high seas.

    The latest in a catalogue of hugely successful Rune Factory titles, Rune Factory Oceans takes the series from the Nintendo DS to PS3. Players will be challenged to master activities that include running a farm, crafting unique items to gift or trade and compete in numerous festivals. Players will also travel the vast oceans to explore new worlds, search for hidden treasures and combat mammoth monsters in epic battles.

    “Marvelous Entertainment has created an exceptional gaming experience for both fans of action and adventure, along with fans who love the realism of farming,” stated Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “We’ve been eagerly anticipating the PS3 release of Rune Factory Oceans for a while now, and we’re positive fans will be just as excited as we are about the release.”

    Rune Factory Oceans is a story featuring the brash Aden and cheerful Sonja, who are two friends enjoying life in their peaceful island town until they are struck by a mysterious curse. They awaken to find that they’ve been transported to a strange new island, and that both of their souls are now trapped in the same body. What secrets lie in this vast new land? And who is the sinister masked stranger who threatens to destroy it? With the aid of the giant golem Ymir and a colorful cast of characters, Aden and Sonja will cross perilous seas to discover dungeons packed with riches, fertile islands ripe for planting, and battle fearsome monsters. At the end of their journey lies the key to undoing their curse… and saving their newfound home.