Pick up iOS episode 1 of Sam & Max for free with discounts on episode 2.

From the press release:

    The adventures of the indomitable canine and rabbit-thingy duo have never been as easy to get into as they are right now during Telltale’s Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Complete Your Collection Sale on iOS!

    For a limited time – the first episode of the Freelance Police’s escapades through time and space, Ice Station Santa, is free to download, while fans of the award-winning series can snatch up its follow-up installments for only $2.99 each! That’s 40% off their regular price!

    Sam & Max fans old and new can now enjoy content created exclusively for the iOS release Beyond Time and Space including a competitive Whack-da-Ratz mini-game and a sound board for Sam & Max fans to create their own chain of wacky words ripped straight from the game!

    The timing has never been better to get your feet wet in the world of Sam & Max or to top off the episodes you haven’t grabbed yet, though you’ll need to act fast – this offer is only good for a limited time!