From the press release:

    TORONTO, Canada. The Adventure Company, a leading publisher of PC adventure games in North America, today announced that it will publish the Nobilis game: The Secrets of Atlantis for Windows®. A must-play for every adventure game fan, you’ll climb aboard the famed Hindenburg Zeppelin aircraft to begin a quest that will take you to some of the most exotic locations in the world in search of answers to a mysterious forgotten civilization…

    Scheduled for release on May 22, 2007, The Secrets of Atlantis will sell throughout North America for a suggested retail price of $29.99 USD.

    It’s 1937 and Howard Brooks, a young aeronautical engineer, returns from a conference in Germany. On board the Hindenburg Zeppelin taking him to New York, Howard is attacked by members of an occult sect. He soon learns that these evil-doers covet the mysterious secret of a forgotten civilization of which, it seems, he is an heir. Convinced that Howard possesses a key element of their research, they decide to set a trap for him.

    Caught up by his past, Howard sets out on an adventure that leads him to fascinating locations around the world: Macao, an Indian Palace, a temple in Mesopotamia and the Empire State Building in New-York. Each location has its own unique culture, landscape and secrets.


    • A fascinating quest full of surprises: set out in search of the lost continent and make discoveries beyond your wildest dreams.
    • Your chance to journey the world in a zeppelin: New York to Mesopotamia, via India and China, travel the world and experience its enchanting landscapes.
    • High-quality cinematographic production. An atmosphere so captivating, you’ll feel like you’re really living the adventure.
    • More than 30 characters to keep you company on your travels. Watch out – not everyone is totally trustworthy!
    • Dozens of puzzles and enigmas that will challenge you for hours.
    • Total immersion: puzzles are combined with an original soundtrack, short video sequences and charismatic characters.

    Filled with mystery and set in a unique film-noir style, The Secrets of Atlantis is a unique adventure game that will give you the feeling that you are really aboard the Hindenburg Zeppelin racing off to the world’s most exotic locations in search of answers to a forgotten civilization…