Mac owners can now pick up the first expansion for Galaxy on Fire 2 for $9.99. Pick it up on the Mac App Store.

From the press release:

    Attention Mac Gamers: Valkyrie™, the first add-on for the award-winning outer space adventure Galaxy on Fire 2™, is now also available on the Mac App Store. The story of Valkyrie™ Full HD sets in right after the events of the main game. Depending on the chosen difficulty level, the expansion pack adds three to five hours of additional gameplay to the title. Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD – Valkyrie, which features completely overhauled 3D assets and effects as well as fully configurable controls via mouse, keyboard or gamepad, can now be unlocked via in-app purchase for the price of € 7,99 / $ 9.99 / £ 6.99.

    Like the main game, the add-on has also been completely revamped in terms of graphics and visuals. In the course of the development of Valkyrie™ Full HD, all 3D models have been re-done from scratch with four times as many polygons and a four times higher texture resolution, in order to take full advantage of the Mac’s hardware capability and rendering power. In addition, each of the 38 space ships in the game does now feature an own texture set for diffuse, normal and specular maps in 2048 by 2048 pixel resolution. Together with the new OpenGL shaders, these graphical enhancements provide stunningly detailed and realistic surfaces on all 3D assets. Furthermore, new post effects as well as re-worked explosions, fire, smoke and atmospheric effects, make for a cinematic experience in state-of-the-art quality. The new lighting and additional light sources round off the title’s stunning Full HD look.

    With the release of Valkyrie™ Full HD the players are also finally able to buy their own space station, namely the infamous Kaamo Club. This floating den of iniquity can be obtained from Keith T. Maxwell’s old companion Mkkt Bkkt and used to park several spaceships and store goods of any kind. Furthermore, it is now also possible to freely synchronize save games between all SD, HD and Full HD versions of the main game and the add-on, which means that all games started on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can now be continued on the Mac – and vice versa. For reasons of consistency, this full cross-platform transfer of save games between all Apple devices was not possible before the release of the add-on in Full HD.

    About Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD – Valkyrie:
    In the Full HD version of the Valkyrie™ add-on, the dare-devil space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell once more sets out to face a treacherous enemy and save the galaxy from its impending destruction. The kidnapping of an ingenious scientist, the theft of a revolutionary technology and the megalomaniac plans and doings of a shady antagonist put a dark veil over the entire galaxy. In cooperation with the secretive Deep Science society, Keith infiltrates the mysterious Valkyrie station in order to find out what the stations cunning commander Alice is up to. On board, however, nothing is as it seems and the thick net of intrigues and betrayal gets tighter and tighter until it finally comes to a thundering show-down with an unexpected twist and an explosive climax.

    Features of Valkyrie™ Full HD:
    · New story line with English voice-over
    · Two new Vossk ships and three new Deep science ships as well as three re-modeled retro ships from the original Galaxy on Fire™
    · Tons of new weapons such as guided missiles, mines and auto-turrets
    · Tons of new gadgets and items such as emergency shields, time delays, enemy signatures and repair robots
    · Four new star systems with a total of nine planets
    · New black market system
    · Buy your own space station, the infamous Kaamo Club, via in-app purchase or in-game credits and use it to park additional spaceships and store valuable goods.

    Technical Specifications:
    · All 3D models and texture sets of the Valkyrie assets rebuilt from scratch in state-of-the-art console-quality
    · Four-times higher texture resolutions as well as additional details and multiple texture sets for an extremely detailed design of the new space ships and space stations
    · Enhanced background images in 2048 by 2048 pixel resolution for a crystal-clear experience on large HD screens
    · Enhanced special effects (explosions, fire, smoke, etc) and atmospheric effects for all new weapons and items
    · Additional OpenGL shaders for extremely detailed and realistic surfaces on all of the new in-game assets
    · New post effects for a cinematic experience
    · Additional light sources for a more realistic lighting of the new star systems
    · Fully configurable controls via keyboard, mouse and gamepad

    Valkyrie™ Full HD is available for download on the App Store for € 7,99 / $ 9.99 / £ 6.99 via in-app purchase.