I was always a huge fan of Tex Murphy back in the day and Under A Killing Moon is one of my all time favorite adventure games. It’s good to see the original crew getting together to bring Tex into a new century. Looks like they’re going to make their goal of $450,000. Kickstarter has been good to folks looking to make old style games.

From the press release:

    The creators of Tex Murphy are hoping to bring back their popular and award-winning detective/sci-fi/adventure game series. A Kickstarter campaign entitled “Tex Murphy – Project Fedora,” was launched on May 15 and has already generated over 45% of its $450,000 fundraising goal in the first four days.

    Big Finish Games, the developer, promises an epic reunion for fans who have waited more than a decade for the return of Tex Murphy. The original creative team, including creator/designer Chris Jones, designer/writer Aaron Conners, and director Adrian Carr, has reunited for the project.

    The Pandora Directive and Under a Killing Moon, two games in the Tex Murphy series, were recently ranked #9 and #25 on a list of the Greatest Adventure Games of All Time, according to www.AdventureGamers.com. The series was known for pioneering the Full Motion Video adventure game genre and featured actors such as James Earl Jones, Kevin McCarthy and Michael York in prominent roles.

    According to Big Finish CEO, Chris Jones, the script has been completed and the company will start development immediately if the Kickstarter goal is met by the ending date of June 15.