Namco will be releasing a demo for Ridge Racer Unbounded on the 23rd. Players will be able to pick the demo up on Steam, XBL, and the PSN.

From the press release:

    In this single player demo, players will get a taste of these visceral and destructive races with two adrenaline-filled domination races in the City Limit District. Discover the intensity of The Unbounded while driving the Wolfseye GT (street class), or take the wheel of a Hurricana CX (super class) in the Shatter the City race. These intense races will give players a sample of the driving ecstasy, bone-shattering destruction, and thrilling domination of Shatter Bay.

    Developed by BugBear Entertainment Ltd., RIDGE RACER UNBOUNDED adds a new edge to the famous and already intense franchise with explosive races and impressive destruction. In the single player mode, players must earn their place among The Unbounded gang by impressing their leader Kara Shindo with high-speed destructive races. Domination Race mode encourages players to destroy everything in sight including rival cars, the environment and other traffic. Survival Race mode gives the player one car and one chance to avoid destruction and finish in first place. Additional game modes include action focused on just taking out other cars, drifting and dueling.

    In addition to the single player mode, racers can take their driving skills online against other players in several multiplayer modes. RIDGE RACER UNBOUNDED will provide players with unlimited fun by allowing them to dominate cities created by other players, using City Creator.