Tactical RPG LostStar Tactics now available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is available for $1.99 on the App Store.

From the press release:

    Independent developers, James Pawliuk and Brandon Alter, have done it again! While players from all over the world have been busy playing ‘Staunch Defense’ and ‘Tactical Warrior’, James & Brandon have been on a quest of their own! Available exclusively for the Apple iPhone® and the Apple iPod touch®, the duo has just completed work on – and released – their brand new turn-based RPG, ‘LostStar Tactics’, on the Apple® app store!

    Crashed on a dangerous planet, your small party of warriors must use their tactical skills to survive as they explore new mysterious worlds. Similar in style to previous games by the developers, you play through campaigns gaining new items, new cards, and even new warriors as you progress. Featuring quick, turn-based battles and plenty of upgrades (and treasure) available to warriors, this RPG is bound to become a classic like its predecessors!

    Players familiar with ‘Tactical Warrior’ will instantly notice some cool changes in ‘LostStar Tactics’; the leader of each party draws cards from a deck to use during battle, and every card has an impact on the gameplay such as damaging opponents, summoning droids, and healing allies, for example. As something really unique, you can design your card decks to complement your party, and to meet specific challenges you may encounter.

    ‘LostStar Tactics’ features the best of turn-based RPG elements taken to new levels in addition to a slick, polished and highly intuitive user-interface.