WeMade Entertainment will be showing off quite a few games at E3. Android and iOS devices will be getting a lot of love in the coming months.

From the press release:

    WeMade Entertainment (WeMade), one of the most recognized publishers in Korea, announced the details behind its exhibition plans at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 5-7, 2012. WeMade will showcase its ambitious mobile and social lineup of eight titles for the iOS/Android systems. The company will also be making announcements highlighting its roster of games which includes a highly anticipated never-before-seen blockbuster. WeMade will also hold an off-site press conference providing the media a more personal perspective from the CEO.

    CEO of WeMade, Namgung Hun, declared, “We will aim to become the No. 1 global game company, starting with E3. Combining WeMade’s core competency and experience, we believe our mobile game lineup will bring unforeseen changes in the industry throughout the globe.”

    Founded in 2000, WeMade is a leading Korean online game developer and publisher. WeMade is best known for its masterpiece MMORPG, Legend of Mir 2, which has 200 million users worldwide. Following its success in the online market, WeMade is now focusing its resources on developing and publishing mobile and social titles for iOS/Android systems. WeMade plans to release globally a formidable portfolio of 20 mobile games in 2012 alone.

    WeMade will compete with console games which have been the incumbents of the gaming industry and E3 leading up to now. The company intends to let the attendees witness firsthand the radical progress that its mobile games have gone through in an environment where substantial shifts in paradigm are being brought about. The company will exhibit eight mobile titles including Chaos & Defense, Viking Island and several other titles including an action MMORPG, a fighting/action game, a side-scrolling action RPG and more during the exhibition.