Lords & Knights has been available to play for a year now and to celebrate, Xyrality will be giving all active players 100 gold coins. Enjoy, guys.

From the press release:

    Xyrality’s medieval MMOG Lords & Knights was released exactly one year ago today. After its successful launch in the App Store in June 2011, the browser adaptation was released in February, followed by its release as an Android app in May. Xyrality thus implemented its promised cross-platform concept within a year and was enthusiastically welcomed by the gaming community. In honor of Lords & Knights’ birthday, the Hamburg-based development studio is giving all of its active players 100 gold coins.

    “We would like to take this opportunity on the first anniversary of Lords & Knights’ launch to thank all of our users for their loyalty and support,” stated Sven Ossenbrüggen, Managing Director of Xyrality GmbH. “We are very pleased by Lords & Knights’ rapid expansion and huge success and look forward to our upcoming projects, some which will be released soon.” soon.”