There are quite a few players out there who enjoy these types of games, and now we’ll be able to sell the most stuff in a mall with Mall Stars. This simulation of sorts is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

From the press release:

    PlayFirst, a leading creator of mobile fun for family and friends, today announced Mall Stars, a strategy game that brings a deeper level of fast-paced fun and deeply immersive game play to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, now available on the App Store.

    Mall Stars introduces PlayFirst’s innovative new StarRequest™ framework. The StarRequest Framework is an intelligent recommendation engine that delivers a customized experience to players, based on their progress in the game. This sophisticated layer of strategy enhances the game play mechanics in Mall Stars for a fresh, exciting and new level of fast-paced fun.

    In Mall Stars, players build and customize their malls to cater to larger-than-life VIP customers, the ‘Stars’. Each Star has his or her own favorite products and attractions. By filling their malls with must-have products and attractions, players excite the Stars into frantically fun Shopping Frenzies and earn special bonuses. The Stars’ requests are tightly integrated into the game play and economy, based on the StarRequest framework.

    Mall Stars launches with an initial set of ten Stars with fun animations and back-stories, with additional Stars planned in future updates. The Stars include: Cathy Cashian, a reality show starlet who adores the latest fashions at the Louie Baton boutique; Duncan Hoops, a iconic sports legend, who shops at Sports-a-Holic for his favorite products; Dee Jay Beats, the king of the hip hop scene; Brock A. Feller, the business tycoon; and more.