Lots of people have been holding out for a new 3DS revision, and Nintendo finally announced it. The 3DS XL was shown to the world today and it’s a nice looking piece of hardware complete with 4.2″ screens. That’s a 90% increase over the current 3DS. The system will be releasing in North America on August 8th, Europe and Japan on July 28th. It should also be noted that the European and Japanese versions will not come with a power adapter, so keep that in mind when making a purchase. However, the new model will come with a 4GB SD card instead of the 2GB found in the current model.

Japan will have the following colors available: white, silver/black, and red/black
Europe will be getting the following colors: red/black, silver/black, and blue/black
North America will have only two colors: red/black and blue/black