iOS puzzler i3 will be released for Android today.

From the press release:

    Mobile games service provider and publisher, Thumbstar Games, has released a game new to Android and devices today- i3.

    Developed by Found in the Future, and a big hit on iOS already, i3 is a colour-matching, cube rolling puzzler with vibrant, eye-catching style. Multicoloured cubes fall from the sky onto your gaming board, and your task is to guide and roll them to their matching colours to create a chain.

    Match three or more and they’ll disappear, but the blocks come ever-faster, and complexity rises as you try to navigate and plan your way across an increasingly populated board.

    i3 presents a beautifully styled challenge suitable for all ages, and brings a fresh twist to the match-three genre. With a Zen like experience on offer, and some fantastic accompanying sound and aesthetics, i3 promises to deliver a memorable and immersive experience to Smartphones and Tablets. i3 is also due to arrive on BBPlay devices very soon!