The game is already available for the iPad, and actually pretty fun, so now Blackberry Tablet owners can play as well. Pick up the game for $9.99.

From the press release:

    Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, the mobile science fiction benchmark on the App Store, is now also available for the latest tablet by BlackBerry®. In the course of the keynote of the BlackBerry World™, Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD had first been showcased on the BlackBerry® Playbook™ and is now available for that device for the price of $9.99. Due to its unique depth and quality, Fishlabs’ epic outer space adventure is without doubt one of the undisputed top titles of the “Gaming” category of the BlackBerry App World.

    With its complex 3D models for all space ships and space stations as well as its handmade backgrounds in High Definition and spectacular special FX, Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD offers an unprecedented gaming experience to the BlackBerry® gaming community. Since its release on iOS in October 2011, the action-packed space trader has become a worldwide bestseller on a variety of platforms and systems. Fans and media alike have written raving reviews for Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD and praised the title’s extraordinary gameplay and state-of-the-art visuals.

    “Since RIM’s App World is a very attractive distribution platform and the company’s PlayBook an absolutely top-notch tablet, we’re particularly happy to offer our flagship title Galaxy on Fire 2 to the BlackBerry users in a stunning HD version specifically optimized for the PlayBook,” says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment. “We have put a lot of work and effort into the porting of the game and are more than happy with the result. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is definitely one of the most ambitious games on the App World and we’re sure that the PlayBook users will have just as much fun with the title as the iPhone and iPad gamers.”

    About Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD:

    In Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, the gamer is able to explore a vast universe with more than 20 star systems, 100 different space stations and over 30 fully mountable space ships, as well as follow an exciting story line with full voice acting and take on an infinite number of diversified freelance missions. The title’s epic plot puts the gamer right in the middle of the hard-fought struggle for survival of the galaxy’s four major factions, namely the Terrans, Midorians, Nivelians and Vossk. Due to a malfunction of his ship’s hyper drive, Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first installment of the series, is catapulted through space and time. 35 years into the future, he awakens at the far end of the galaxy and quickly realizes that a lot has changed during his absence. An aggressive alien menace known as Voids is lurking on the edge of known space and using sophisticated wormhole technology to raid cargo ships and convoys of all four factions. The unstable peace between the factions is on the line and Keith is the only one who can save the universe from its impending descend into chaos.

    Special Features of Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD:

    • All 3D models rebuilt from scratch for console-quality visuals and a crystal-clear gaming experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook
    • Assets, such as jump gates and asteroids, feature even more textures and up to four-times the original resolution
    • Individual texture sets for all 30 spaceships including diffuse, normal, and specular maps in High Definition
    • Enhanced background images and resolution on space environments and planets for a crystal-clear gaming experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook
    • Additional OpenGL shaders and post effects as well as heavily revised explosion, engine flare and muzzle flash special effects