The morning of the Nintendo press conference, and first day of E3, I mentioned to Garv, while waiting on our shuttle to the press conference, that I wanted a 2D Mario game for the Wii U. 3D is nice, but I tend to have camera issues among other small things that irk me. I wanted something old, yet something new. At the press conference, I submitted my body to Nintendo. Then Reggie came out and gave it exactly what it wanted — New Super Mario Bros. U. While I didn’t get to the game the first day, I did get to it on the afternoon of the second. Too much to see, play, and cover at E3 to enjoy it all the first day.

I did a bit of both playing and observing folks play it. And I have to say, there were nothing but smiles and laughter coming from the particular NSMBU station I was at. Why would that be, you might ask? Well, this is definitely a more interactive game. You can have multiple people playing at once on screen. Or you can with the Wii U’s game pad have your friend assist you through the level. The person with the game pad will be place blocks for you to jump on to reach higher places or avoid dying if you’ve accidentally fallen. Just beware that you can hit these boxes, like a brick box, and make them disappear.

I think the most interesting and exciting part was the fact it blended old with new. Some new suits that Mario can get ahold of, obviously new worlds, and a new way to play. But there were the old things that kept it grounded to what I wanted. Yoshi’s, being 2D, some familiarity with the sprites even if they are new, and just overall feeling of keeping some old things in with some new aspects to keep it fresh. And the fact you can play as co-op is totally my thing. Although I suppose technically you could turn that co-op into some player versus player action, as I saw demonstrated by a guy and his friend I observed playing. First he intentionally was messing up his friend, but then somewhere along the way he was doing but with the intention to help. I suppose it could add an extra dimension if you are one of those evil friends to keep your friends on their toes.

I admit though, that I’ve not yet played, yet own, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. So my prayers probably would have been answered this generation had I actually gotten to this game. Perhaps that is for the best though. I now have something to tackle before the Wii U version comes out. It’ll be great for this game dry spell, and it’ll get me even more hyped and ready for the Wii U to come out to play in a new way.


By Garv

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