Take control of zany characters and get involved in some crazy real-time strategy action in Cartoon Defense: Space Wars. The game is free to play and available for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

From the press release:

    KTH, a leading mobile applications and games developer, is excited to announce the recent launch of Cartoon Defense: Space Wars onto the App Store. An out of this world spin on the mobile tower defense genre, Cartoon Defense: Space Wars throws gamers into an epic real-time battle as they protect planet Cartoon from constant invasions from the Grey tribe – a group of cunning galactic marauders. The game comes complete with diverse game modes, dozens of unique resources and weapons for players to utilize and upgrade, and enough strategically engaging levels to keep players entertained for hours on end! Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is currently available for download for free on the App Store in the Games category.

    As intricately themed and beautifully rendered as it is well executed, Cartoon Defense: Space Wars takes place deep in interstellar space on the whimsically stylized planet Cartoon. Jumping in with the ranks of the planet’s’ natives – the White Tribe – its your job to collect resources, build up defenses, and utilize available weapons to their fullest to ensure that your world stays out of the hands of the evil Grey Tribe past wave after wave and boss after boss! Since this is a pure real-time strategy defense game at its core, you won’t win your many battles with aim, quickness, and sheer firing power, but rather only by creating the most effective way to blend all three into an optimal planetary defense!

    The game is replete with vibrantly animated action, intuitive controls, and utterly smooth overall gameplay. Players will get to take a completely hands on approach to their own defense as they manage an inventory of up to 45 items. Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is an expansive gaming experience with 80 unique stages to play through including boss battles, as well as 3 unique modes – Scenario, Wave, and Battle Star – to get into the action through. What are you sitting around for? Get ready to use your brain as the ultimate planetary defence system and protect the White Tribe from being decimated starting now in Cartoon Defense: Space Wars on iOS.