iOS and Android game Pebble Universe is getting an update on August 16th. Android users will be able to get the update on Google Play.

From the press release:

    At August 16 it is time for the next step in the voyage through Pebble Universe. The new world invites the players to great challenges with innovative level design, new elements, spectacular monsters and a new explosive type of Pebble.

    ‒ We have listened to our players and this world, The Factory, is a result partly based of their responds and great ideas, says Mattias Granat. With this release we have built an even better game, and just like before timing is the key to everything!

    The Factory is an unfriendly place where the soot-lump monsters has increased in numbers. This is the their food storage and hundreds of friendly Pebbles are locked up, waiting to be eaten! But with skill and timing the players will help the Pebbles to fight the monsters and take another step closer to freedom.

    And for the first time Itatake, the team behind Pebble Universe, takes the game outside App Store and releases it on Google Play at the same time. Shortly they will also release it in other big Android stores.

    ‒ We are happy to finally announce the game for Android users, says Thomas Wedin. The great response we have had so far makes us sure that a bunch of new players will love Pebble Universe with this release.

    The first release of Pebble Universe was picked as Gaming App of the Day (by Kotaku) and Game of the Day (by MacWorld) and the reviews around the world has been very positive. New York Post, TouchArcade, AppSpy and PocketGamer are some of many publications that paid attention to the cute pebbles.