New updates released for Maple Story, including PvE solo content.

From the press release:

    The summer has brought Jett and Phantom into Nexon America’s MapleStory, and has recently introduced the “Fight for Azwan” content as the last leg of the summer updates. Fight for Azwan introduced a new party and solo Player versus Everyone (PvE) mode where players are called to recapture the city of Azwan from Hilla and her undead army. With four different levels of difficulty – Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell – players are able to control their type of gameplay.

    Azwan is an ancient underground city, buried deep beneath the surface of Nihal Desert. Long ago, it was a cultural hub for Maple World, a land run by a fair-minded king who valued spirituality and creativity above all else. The king ruled Azwan with the help of the Shamanesses, a group of lady fortune tellers headed by a beautiful woman named Hilla. Unfortunately, the success of Azwan drew the Black Mage’s eye. Drawn in by the promise of eternal beauty and life, Hilla betrayed her people and everyone was killed and cast under a spell enslaving their souls forever. Players must fight to take over the city and defeat the treacherous Hilla.

    In addition, players have four timed games modes to choose from including Attack, Defend, Occupy and Supply. In Attack and Occupy modes, players make their way across a map and try to destroy a tower within the specified time limit. When playing in Defend mode, players must defend a Crystal until the time runs out. Lastly, in Supply mode, players hunt monsters and collect item drops. For their efforts against Hilla and her undead army, players will be rewarded with EXP and Azwan coins, which can be traded in for items in the Azwan shop.