To celebrate it’s 5th Anniversay, Super Stardust HD will be going on sale with a new bundle. The new bundle will include all 3 DLC packs and the game for $7.99. Sounds like a pretty good deal. The sale will be going on until September 11th, so don’t miss out.

From the press release:

    The top-selling and award winning PS3 game, Super Stardust HD blasts you on a breathtaking tour through the galaxy full of epic sights and scenes!

    With its unique orbit based gameplay and stunning 3D visuals, Super Stardust HD has won several accolades and has been chosen by IGN as one of top 100 modern games, as well as making many Top Playstation 3 games lists.

    To celebrate the game’s 5th anniversary comes a spectacular offer! Super
    Stardust HD + all 3 DLC add-ons in one cosmic bundle for only
    $7.99/€4.99/£4.99!! That’s amazing value: for about half the price of the main game you now also get every single expansion pack!!

    This incredible discount won’t last long – the offer will only be valid from August 8th to September 11th!!

    Additionally, Super Stardust Portable will be 50% off + absolutely free to plus subscribers!! (this offer is valid only in Europe, Australia and New Zealand)

    Super Stardust HD still continues to dazzle and amaze, each new DLC topping the last, offering the most comprehensive shooter experience available!

    Some amazing facts and technical feats:

    Super Stardust HD was the first ever game to feature Trophies!
    One of the first and only games to provide a real 3D experience,

    creating 120 unique frames per second!

    Experience the amazing co-op modes in true 3D SimulView! Each player

    sees their own view of the action!

    High Definition at full 1080p HD!
    Numerous game modes and co-op for up to 4 players!
    Global online rankings split over 7 leader-boards!

    With this stupendously amazing cosmic bundle, you’ll get every add-on game pack for the complete experience, including last year’s stellar new “Impact” game mode!

    How high can you score on the global leaderboards?!