The video game industry is a rather volatile place to be in business and this generation of consoles has really taken it’s toll on companies. Many companies have fallen and it’s always sad to hear about people in our industry getting laid off, but this seems to be commonplace these days. The recent casualties are from PopCap, Funcom, and Studio Liverpool.

Sony shutdown Studio Liverpool who are known for making the Wipeout games, and old gamers should remember them as Psygnosis of Amiga fame. It will be sad to see them go. Wipeout HD was a great game.

Funcom has seen some some layoffs as well, and that’s strange after they just released The Secret World. The number of people laid off we don’t know, but we do want those affected to land on their feet.

We reported a while back that PopCap may be seeing some layoffs and that seems to be the case. Again, we’re not really sure how many were affected, but again our hearts go out to those who are now without work.

The way things are going, we shouldn’t be surprised if there are more layoffs. We can only hope that next generation is kinder to developers.