The game will be out in a matter of days (September 5th), so jump in and pre-order now.

From the press release:

    With the release date of Inquisitor set to September 5, you can pre-order the game on now and get it for $11.99, that’s with 20% off! You can also watch a new trailer there and see all the bonus content that will be yours if you buy the game on

    Dark times have fallen onto the once-peaceful land of Ultherst. As the prophet Ezekiel foretold: Famine, Plague, and Death came to harvest the souls of the sinners and the innocent alike. In this time of hardship more and more people started to succumb to the Devil’s whispers. Heresy and worship of dark powers grow stronger and more blatant with every new follower of the demonic path. This evil must be rooted-out and purged with fire. And you-out of all of the people faithful to the true religion-have been selected to restore God’s holy law and order as the Inquisitor.

    Inquisitor can be found on Steam Greenlight as well and anyone who would like for this game to be available on Steam, can show their support by giving it a vote there now!

    Inquisitional statistics:
    • Three character classes-Paladin, Priest, and Thief-each with his own unique and independent story.
    • 90 monsters and 180 NPCs
    • Wield the power of the Inquisition as you arrest heretics; use a variety of tools-such as the iron maiden, suspension, and the rack-to extract confessions and burn the heretics!
    • A wide, open-ended world for you to explore and exploit as you see fit.
    • More than 200 weapons, 80 spells, and 7 schools of forbidden and allowed magic!