Snail Games announced that they will be closing out the pre-order bonuses for Age of Wushu on October 15th, so anyone interested in getting in on early beta access will need to pre-order the game before then.

From the press release:

    With the launch timetable for the upcoming martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu firmly in place, Snail Games announced today that sales of the “Elite Edition” presale package will stop on October 15, 2012. Timed to coincide with the end of the New York Comic Con – where the company will be showcasing the game publicly for the first time since E3 – the end of the presale represents the close of the first chapter in Snail Games initial AAA launch to North American gamers.

    “The ‘Elite Edition’ presale package of Age of Wushu shattered our highest expectations,” says Shi Hai, Founder and Chairman of Snail Games. “While Age of Wushu is the #1 game in China right now, both the title and Snail Games are relative newcomers to the US market place. I believe it’s a true testament to the game’s quality and the excitement surrounding it that US gamers have been pre-ordering this game in record numbers virtually sight unseen.”

    Created and organized to be the perfect welcoming gift to the initial North American players to experience Age of Wushu, the Elite Edition is abundantly stuffed with unique in-game and real world items in addition to a full digital copy of the game. With a value more than fivefold the selling price, bonus contents of the package include:

    Entry to both closed betas in 2012: Age of Wushu has two betas coming later this year, one in November and one set for the Holiday break in December.

    Entry to the Exclusive Access period in 2013: Purchasers of the Elite Edition will be automatically included in the 90-day exclusive access window at the title’s North American launch. Players will have 3 months of play to explore the world, craft weapons, and build clans prior to the game’s Free-to-Play launch on May 3rd.

    Elite Edition Only Items and Events: All purchasers will receive a limited edition mount, virtual vanity items, and access to “Elite” only features to be announced later.

    Wushu Adventurers Pack: A virtual starters kit for new players, the Adventurers Pack is stuffed with healing potions, power-ups and more; all of which can be used or traded in game by the owner.

    Coming to the US on February 1st, 2013, Age of Wushu allows players to pick from one of eight unique schools based upon famous martial arts disciplines such as Shaolin and Wu-Dang. Set in the mythical and enchanting world of Jianghu, Age of Wushu brings the Chinese cultural tradition of Wuxia – seen in such blockbuster films as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Hero” – to virtual life.