Someone asked me a few weeks ago about playing AD&D campaigns online, and today I found out about RPGTable Online. This service allows GMs to put their maps online and players to easily see what’s going on and it even rolls dice. Looks cool and may be worth checking out if you are an old school RPG player. The service is basically free, but some services can be add through their Premium service. Might be worth having a look.


From the press release:

    Remember when you used to get together with friends to play roleplaying game like Dungeons & DragonsĀ®? The glory of assuming the role of a fantasy hero and dispatching vile monsters with your sword or spell, exploring the universe as a space mercenary, or saving the world as your favorite superhero. Then reality set in: school, jobs, kids of your own, friends moving away, and any host of commitments. GameTable Online Inc. (GTO) has launched RPG Table Online so you can play any role playing game on your schedule with friends and other gamers around the world by logging into

    RPG Table Online provides for free all of the basic tools for game masters to run RPGs on the internet and for players to enjoy their campaigns: a dice roller, map & dungeon creator, character & monster token system, initiative tracker, campaign notebook, character sheets, and integrated voice chat. This cohesive toolset enables people from around the world to replicate the tabletop RPG experience as if they were gathered around the same table. Additional tokens, tiles, and backgrounds can be purchased to customize the RPG experience to your taste as you create your own adventure, world or universe. Getting started with the RPG Table Online is quick and easy so GMs and players can dive right into their adventures. The RPG Table Online runs on a free Java-based application that requires no downloaded client to play. Unlike other virtual tabletop game applications, no extensive knowledge or preparation is required to use the RPG Table Online to run an actual session. “We focused on making RPG Table Online intuitive to use and ready to play without additional setup beyond the usual prep to build an encounter or adventure,” said Robert Eng, GTO’s Vice President.

    With 9 years of hosting online tabletop games at, GTO is not a newcomer to the web game world. GTO has built up a game library of 29 board game titles to play through their multiplayer game platform. When users join RPG Table Online, they will also gain access to the GTO board games and be part of the active and established gaming community already gaming daily at GTO.

    RPG Table Online is game-system agnostic so it can work easily with any game system and shortly GTO will launch an initiative for RPG companies to have a custom character sheet templates in the application, as well as tiles and backgrounds appropriate to their game. The starting set of art and tile tokens are fantasy themed. More themes and artwork from well-known artists are coming soon.