Project Cars looks stunning and the more help they get on the game the better it is potentially for us as gamers. Hamilton joining the Slightly Mad crew as a consultant should really help them nail the handling model. We can’t wait to see the final product.

From the press release:

    Slightly Mad Studios are pleased to welcome Renault Clio Cup driver Nicolas Hamilton to Project CARS. The 20 year-old Briton will serve as Handling Consultant to the development team, helping the studio fine-tune the vehicle physics and handling model of the WMD-powered title. Nicolas is an excellent fit for Project CARS as his experience combines vast knowledge from racing in the real world and also from his roots in simulation racing, allowing him to understand both sides and effectively help Project CARS fulfill its potential.

    Born in Herfordshire, England, in 1992, Nicolas was brought up in the motorsports world alongside older brother Lewis. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Nicolas has always made sure this wouldn’t stop him from pursing his passion for racing. After a first try of karting at the age of seven, Nicolas’s racing career kicked into higher gear in 2010 when he impressed everyone testing a BMW M3 at PalmerSport. His smooth driving style earned him his MSA Novice Racing License and secured him a seat in the Air Asia Renault Clio Cup where he has been competing ever since. Nicolas has started his second Renault Clio Cup season this year, driving for T.C.R.

    Aside from making it in the real racing world, Nicolas has also made a name for himself in simulation racing, finishing first in the 2009 SBTCC Championship and racing successfully in plenty of other community-organized sim racing events. Nicolas will be assisting the development team with making the handling in Project CARS as authentic as possible, as well as providing other general feedback. Furthermore, he’ll join tens of thousands of members in the WMD forums, sharing his view of all the latest developments in a weekly blog for all members to enjoy.

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