Ubisoft stated today that Rayman Legends will be released on March 31, 2013. However, the demo will be available on the eShop next week. Those looking to try it will get their chance.

From the press release:

    Ubisoft announces today that Rayman Legends, its highly anticipated Wii U™ exclusive platformer, will be released in the UK on the 1st March 2013. A demo of the game will be available through the Nintendo eShop on December 13th, 2012.

    Rayman Legends takes full advantage of the innovative Wii UTM controller to explore fresh multiplayer gameplay experiences and expand beyond the traditional platformer genre. Players can use the Wii UTM controller to discover new ways to navigate through the game with touch–based gameplay to take out enemies or clear paths and gyroscope technology to manipulate and rotate platforms. The Wii UTM controller also allows you to continue the adventure of Rayman and his friends on the controller screen even while the TV is off.

    The game retains the fantasy appeal of its predecessor while adding a multitude of clever and entertaining gaming modes, new characters, new environments and a new soundtrack. The award-winning team of artists, designers and composers have also returned with an advanced UbiArt engine to include multi-dimension gameplay elements, an improved lighting system and updated game rendering that elevate Rayman’s previous graphics to the next level.