From the press release:

    LOS ANGELES – The Mercury is rising and headed to Wii™ this fall! Ignition Entertainment Ltd., a worldwide publisher and developer of video games, today announced that Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii home video game system will be arriving on store shelves September 25th at an amazing value of only $19.99. Mercury Meltdown Revolution is the fourth edition to the Mercury series, offering new capabilities via the Wii Remote’s tilt sensing controller to achieve a high degree of blob agility.

    “With over 2 years of franchise development, we’ve really taken the time and perfected the blob physics, enhanced the graphics and created an extremely compelling experience that’s a perfect fit on the Wii,” said Ken Gratz, Director of Product Development. “We’ve finally found a video game system that would allow us to fully realize our vision and passion for the Mercury games.”

    “The Wii Remote is a perfect complement to Mercury’s gameplay. Tilting the Wii Remote to guide your mercury blob through the challenging mazes is extremely satisfying,” continues Vicki White, Sales Director. “On top of the 150-plus levels, we’ve added loads of mini-games that create a great deal of fun for the whole family! Mercury Meltdown Revolution is an essential title for gamers to have in their library at an outstanding value.”

    Mercury Meltdown Revolution is an action packed game that immerses players in a colorful world of imaginative machines, kooky characters and bubbling test tubes. Tilt and flow the mercury blob around a tremendous amount of treacherous obstacles while avoiding some pesky adversaries that live within this puzzling adventure.