Tank! Tank! Tank! is getting a free to play version just like Japan. The game will be free to download with packs players can purchase to add more levels to the game. Not a bad way to go and we hope the game does well.

From the press release:

    NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. released today TANK! TANK! TANK! ™ DOWNLOAD in Europe and Australasia for the Wii U ™ Nintendo eShop Download Software.

    TANK! TANK! TANK! is one of the most bombastic battle-party-games ever for the whole family. An exciting campaign mode allows you to battling a variety of giant enemies and level up your tanks, as well as unlocking new tanks. Take a picture with the Wii U camera and dress up your avatar with helmets, masks, and more!

    This downloadable version based on the Wii U ™ game released on November 30th, 2012 will give access to a free Basic Pack (with 3 different modes: Monster Battle mode; Free-For-All mode and Team Versus mode, all in Urban Area stage) available three times a day. In addition to the basic pack, other contents can be purchased separately. The three times a day limit on the free Basic Pack will be unlocked and will become playable after any one of the other contents are purchased. Purchasing all additional content will allow the user to have a version as complete as the retail version in terms of content. As a special launch promotion, My Kong Mode, where players can take control of a huge boss and fight against other players, will have an 80% discount until February 28th 2013.

    TANK! TANK! TANK! ™ DOWNLOAD is available for download via the Wii U™ Nintendo eShop Download Software.