GAMEVIL launched dungeon crawler Dark Avenger on Google Play today. The game is also available on iOS devices. Best of all, it’s free to play.

From the press release:

    Leading mobile games publisher and developer, GAMEVILĀ®, announced the debut of their latest title, Dark Avenger, on Google Play today. Dark Avenger is a third party title developed by BOOLEAN GAMES and published by GAMEVIL through their $10M Partner Fund. The game brings the popular dungeon crawler genre to mobile with smooth, intuitive controls and brilliant HD graphics.

    Dark Avenger is the premiere hack-n-slash dungeon crawler for mobile. With its smooth gameplay and brilliant artwork, the game quickly immerses the user in the dark fantasy world of Dark Avenger. The game is a progressive action RPG that features progression through stages. This allows players to easily switch back and forth between Single Player mode and the game’s focal point – realtime global PvP. The game’s powerful game engine allows players to engage in realtime combat with up to 6 people at a time, in a no holds barred, 3v3 Deathmatch. Players are able to collect points and rise the weekly leader boards to win awesome prizes based on global ranking at the end of each week.

    The game comes released with one available hero, the mighty Templar, as a namesake to the game’s title, Dark Avenger. Customization and skills will be put to the test as these features alone will distinguish the best gamers from the rest. Dark Avenger comes as a service game with new characters, such as the Ranger, set to be released through frequent game updates.

    “We are excited to have worked with BOOLEAN GAMES through the $10M Partner Fund in bringing Dark Avenger to the masses,” stated Kyu Lee, President of GAMEVIL USA. “The game’s smooth, intuitive gameplay combined with its dark aesthetics definitely sets the bar for a truly immersive mobile gaming experience. We are sure that fans of the hack-n-slash dungeon crawler genre will fall deep into the game as we have.”