Telegames is making games for Nintendo platforms. Didn’t know they were still making games.

From the press release:

    In advance of E3, Telegames, Inc. has announced that it is aggressively seeking quality games for most Nintendo platforms as it expands its packaged goods product portfolio. Since 1986, Telegames has been a pioneer in providing innovative ways for smaller developers to reach the retail marketplace with their quality video game products.

    “There are lots of outstanding games currently in development that will only be offered for download to Nintendo platforms due to financial or distribution limitations on their creators. Currently, download sales at Nintendo eShop will typically capture only 5% to 20% of the estimated sales potential of a good product. Packaged versions must also be available at retail to fully maximize product sales potential.” says Telegames’ President Terry Grantham.

    Interested developers or publishers are encouraged to initially contact Telegames, Inc. by email at to begin a dialog on evaluating their product’s sales potential at retail. Also, a limited number of meeting times remain available during E3.