One more Kickstarter project trying to get onto Steam. We wish them the best.

From the press release:

    stillalive studios today continued celebrations after its Kickstarter campaign, to raise $150k to fund the completion of its debut 3rd person action adventure PC/Mac/Linux title; Son of Nor, was a success, making $151,175 at its close yesterday.

    The team are now putting all efforts into the completion of the highly anticipated game and have announced its launch onto Steam Greenlight and call for support and people’s votes on the platform. The link to this can be found here:

    “We are thrilled, delighted and very grateful for the support we have received in making our Kickstarter a success. The team have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and the amount of people that have come out to back our final stages of development for Son of Nor.” Said Julian Mautner, CEO, stillalive studios. “We have Son of Nor live on Steam Greenlight now and we are hopeful those who have got behind us on Kickstarter, as well as Steam users and other gamers, will support us and vote here too.”

    The campaign, which ran for 30 days and completed on Thursday 30th May, made 100% of its target with more than 2200 backers contributing funds for the studio to complete the game.

    During the month long crowd-funding project the studio announced a number of exciting partnerships that will allow players to use integrated hardware such as the Emotiv EPOC; a revolutionary personal interface for human computer interaction, a so called Brain Computer Interface (BCI); the partnership will allow players to control character actions, such as telekinesis, terraforming and magic with the power of their minds and Oculus Rift; that will allow players to immerse themselves in the lore and adventure of Son of Nor deeper than ever before by using this hugely exciting virtual reality device in game.

    The studio has been working on the development of Son of Nor for more than a year and has completed almost 25% of the game to-date and the Kickstarter funds will now enable them to complete the game for a release window of Q2 2014.

    The Game
    Son of Nor is a 3rd person action adventure game set in a desert world where human kind is on the brink of extinction at the hands of the Sarahul; an evil race of reptilian creatures bent on the destruction of human civilisation. Players become humanity’s last hope for survival in an epic struggle to hold back the Sarahul hordes and change the destiny of the entire planet.

    Son of Nor can be played in single player mode, co-operatively with up to four players online or two player split screen on one computer. Many of the obstacles and puzzles players will come across will require teamwork to solve.

    In Son of Nor, players command unique force abilities with which they must fight, solve puzzles and ultimately stay alive. These abilities include telekinesis, powerful magic spells and terraforming; manipulation of the game world itself, something that has not been seen to this extent before in a video game!

    stillalive studios is a diverse collective of videogame development talent hailing from all over the world. Based in Innsbruck, Austria, the team have contributing members from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ecuador and USA and hope to increase resource and complete the already substantial game in 2014.