South Korean company, Mobicle, recently released Samurai Girl to the iPhone and iPod touch. Check out the trailer and game information below.

From the press release:

    Mobicle, in partnership with NetMarble, the South Korean gaming giant, is pleased to announce the arrival of their much anticipated action RPG for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game has already caused a stir with reviews from focus groups lauding the game’s storyline, presentation, and multiple unique and well-designed features.

    Samurai Girl immerses players in the adventures of Hikaru, a young girl armed with an enchanted, sword, the need to regain her memory, and the duty to avenge her family. Her journey takes her through four gorgeously designed worlds, with over fifty quests. Hikaru faces sixteen bosses, using her thirteen unique swordsmanship skills as well as hundreds of treasure and equipment items, strengthened by combination’s of mythical stones. Hikaru begins her task alone but soon finds a tagalong—a phoenix she must raise as a pet, and who will become her ally in her epic battle against Delta-M.

    Reviewers praise the game’s combination of complexity and intuitive play. Tutorials make Samurai Girl accessible for new fans of the genre, while tactical and strategic design and skill variety make it a must have for RPG veterans as well. Minigames within allow players to compete to become King of the Mountain, with full GameCenter integration.

    Mobicle and NetMarble have filled a void in iOS gaming with Samurai Girl. A fully developed, beautifully textured universe, a pet/companion module, and true action RPG fighting make Samurai Girl exactly what RPG enthusiasts on iOS have been waiting for.


    Epic story driven gameplay through 4 beautifully designed worlds, with over 50 quests and 16 bosses!

    Never Before seen in Action-RPG Games, you will be able to train a pet and raise it to be a lethal guardian and loyal companion.

    13 expert Sword fighting skills can be unlocked and upgraded.

    Acquire and combine mythical stones to upgrade and strengthen your equipment.

    Discover hundreds of treasure and equipment all distinctively classed to help you in your adventure.

    Game Center Integrated, you will fight in the Minigame Challenge to see who is the king of the mountain.

    An in-depth tutorial and simple user interface was created so new and experienced RPG gamers could immediately get started.