Another indie game available for Wii U in Europe.

From the press release:

    TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition is a battle-racing game in the tradition of classics like Micro Machines or R.C. Pro-Am. It supports single player as well as two, three or four players in front of the Wii U. The race tracks are shown in colorful 3D, the camera following the cars in an isometric view, from behind and above. Players who fall back far enough to vanish from the screen instantly lose the round. Losers aren’t done playing. They can continue to harass their opponents.

    Players pushed off the screen return as shadow cars able to cause mischief with traps and extra weapons. It’s great fun for a Sunday afternoon with friends – and a good experience for solo players racing against the AI. TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition offers incredible replay value: 26 beautiful and distinct tracks, 45 challenges, 16 cars types and seven game modes. The game modes, from tournaments to a custom mode, where everything’s decided by the player from AI strength to weather effects, enable players to experiment with gameplay elements or form tournaments.

    ‘We worked very hard and met our target: Nitro Machines is the best TNT Racers game so far. We are very proud and look forward to the feedback of gamers worldwide’, says Jan Joeckel, Managing Director of keen games.


    2-4-player multiplayer
    3 game modes
    4 tournament modes
    5 speed categories
    16 pick ups
    16 car types
    26 race tracks
    75 challenges
    online leaderboards
    weather effects
    Shadow Race mode