Activision is pretty determined to released this game on just about every system out there. Now it’s out on the Vita.

From the press release:

    We have exciting news that Activision Publishing, Inc. has joined forces with Marvel Entertainment to announce that The Amazing Spider-Man™ video game is now available for the PlayStation®Vita. Delivering a super-powered mix of freeform combat and stealth, The Amazing Spider-Man features an original story set after the events of the first film, in the free-roam world of New York City.

    PlayStation®Vita’s unique functionality puts powers in players’ hands – a perfect pocket playground. Touchscreen controls add a precise, agile feel when using Spidey’s patented Web Rush mechanic to swing, vault and brawl across Manhattan. Use the new mini-map, handled as fluidly as any smartphone’s map app thanks to the PlayStation®Vita’s pinch-and-zoom support, to travel between different thug and boss battles. Moreover, the PlayStation®Vita’s internal gyroscope allows gamers to snap action shots like a pro by angling the system around like a real camera.

    The Amazing Spider-Man for PlayStation®Vita is now available.