Looks like Eden games is about to lose some employees due to Atari hitting them with layoffs. In an act of defiance, the employees at Eden are going on strike. In a post made on the official Test Drive Unlimited 2 forums, one of the developers stated that 51 of their 80 staff members were facing layoffs. Citing mismanagement by Atari, the employees want to be able to negotiate with Atari on the terms of the layoffs.

I wish the folks at Eden the best. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too thrilled with how Test Drive Unlimited 2 turned out, but I had a blast with the original. Unfortunately, the game business is quick to lay off employees and one has to wonder why anyone would want to be part of an industry that can’t guarantee employees long term employment. I’ve had to deal with this in the game business as well, so I know what they’re going through.

Here’s the original post on the TDU 2 forums.