EA decided to give those who pre-order Shadows of the Damned a bonus in the form of 12 downloadable tracks by composer Akira Yamaoka. To be eligible for the bonus, players need to pre-order at GameStop, Amazon, or the EA store.

From the press release:

    The hounds of hell are screaming with delight as gamers are being treated with a small taste of the full Shadows of the DamnedTM soundtrack. Those that pre-order Shadows of the Damned from GameStop, Amazon.com and the EA STORESM, will receive a bonus* digital download to twelve original songs, hand-crafted by critically acclaimed composer Akira Yamaoka (sound director of Silent Hill). Yamaoka’s haunting sounds and ethereal effects provide the perfect back drop for this psycho-punk action thriller known as Shadows of the Damned.