One more added to the Apple App Store. If you like puzzle games, then you should look into this one.

From the press release:

    Bazzle is a physics-based puzzle platformer exclusively for the iPad!

    Crowl, the evil-wizard, has kidnapped Libi – our hero’s love interest. He has threatened to drown her in hot bubbling lava unless his ‘simple’ demand is met. Libo has to bring back 10 powerful magic scrolls lost in the enchanted forest of Bazzle. An impossible task one might think, considering the treacherous demands of the mission, but the little furry ball knows a few useful tricks!

    • Engaging physics-based gameplay
    • Swap between three avatars each with its own unique ability including a buff purple ball that can push objects and a spiky pink ball that can stick to wood surfaces.
    • Host of props and characters to discover and use
    • 60 fun levels!
    • Offers platforming action as well as physics-based puzzle solving
    • Simple tilt and tap controls • Richly-rendered exotic game world
    • Online leaderboard (via openfeint and game center)