The Apple App store keeps getting bigger. Add one more game to the list. Pick it up today for $.99.

From the press release:

    Hothead Games today announced the launch of their second iOS title, Chromanoids, in the App Store. This arcade shoot ’em up puts you in charge of a last line of defense space fleet, tasked with saving Earth from the unforgiving enemy Chromanoid ships.

    Chromanoids is a classic arcade-style space shooter, but with a colorful twist: players can only damage the oncoming ships with blasts of color that match that of the enemy. Mix and swap colors in the reservoir to make the perfect match and destroy the Chromanoid attackers.

    Players have the choice to use in game Power Ups, such as Nukes, Fastshot and Instakill Blitz Bombs to progress through wave after wave of challenging space battles.

    To keep you entertained throughout the missile launches and explosions the game story that accompanies Chromanoids is a space fuelled adventure inspired by anime and centered around themes of squad defection, peer respect and an out of this world love triangle!

    “Ensign Cyan reporting for duty Sir! Sensors detect shielded Chromanoids coming our way!”

    Chromanoids features:

    • Five different modes of gameplay:
      o Story Mode: You’re the last line of defense against the Chromanoids; your success affects the outcome.
      o Armada Mode: Be challenged with more and faster attackers.
      o Ultradrive Mode: The attacking ships speed up with each new wave, and your accuracy will affect the speed of your color missiles.
      o Depleted Mode: Blast power is diminished as you hit the enemies, but gain bonus points for targeting the ships with smaller and smaller shots.
      o Red-Shift Mode: Blast away! Just shoot the enemies down, without having to change colors.

    • Special power up items to obtain or purchase during play to help you on your mission
    • Game Center support with leaderboards for each game mode and local high scores