From the press release:

    Lake Forest, CA – March 27, 2007 – Reflexive Entertainment is proud to announce the release of its newest PC Game, Monarch: The Butterfly King. This new game places players into a story of magic and adventure as they attempt to stop a wizard bent on destroying the butterfly kingdom.

    Journeying across majestic Celtic ruins, players create potions and harness magic in this match-game of enchantment. Making matches over metal plates, players release hidden ancient energies that The Butterfly King transforms into magic using his Orb of Power. The Butterfly King will use the power to free the butterflies and save the kingdom. As players complete levels, and the Butterfly King’s power grows, 26 gorgeous and exotic butterflies will be unlocked from their prisons. As each butterfly is freed, a new piece of the story is revealed. Monarch: The Butterfly King includes 150 levels for players to play through as they help rescue the kidnapped butterflies and determine the fate of the butterfly kingdom.

    In addition to the 150 mesmerizing levels included, the action is kept fresh by the ability to download additional levels online from Players may also create their own levels using the built-in level editor, and in turn share their creations online with others.

    Speaking of sharing, Monarch: The Butterfly King makes it easy to share the fun of playing by including Mouse PartyTM. Using additional mice, up to 8 players can simultaneously play together to save the glade, as players create potions and make matches to help the Butterfly King free his kidnapped friends.

    Featuring more than a hundred beautiful levels and a story fit for a king, Monarch: The Butterfly King is a exciting adventure through an enchanting world of magic and mystery. Monarch: The Butterfly King is now available for $19.95 through Reflexive Arcade (

By Garv