From the press release:

    Cheats make you hard to beat!
    It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you return to the twilight realm, you simply can’t get past that tricky stage in Zelda. Or maybe you’re longing to drive the Monster Truck in Excite Truck, but you simply haven’t got the time and patience to ‘jump through the many hoops’ required to unlock this special feature. Fear Not! – Xploder Cheat Saves provides you with Wii cheat saves for all the latest games – meaning you get the immediate satisfaction of unlocking game features and levels, without having to spend hours of frustration in front of your console! Download game-busting cheats for Zelda, Excite Truck, Sonic Warioware, Rayman, Wii Sports, Wii Play and many more.

    Virtual console insanity!
    Has downloading Virtual Console games meant that you’re running out of space on the Wii memory? And if even after all those years you’ve still not managed to make progress in the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country, then Xploder Cheat Saves is for you! The application not only gives you functionality to back-up your Virtual Console games to the PC, you can also access the online database that provides cheats and saves for the retro VC games too!

    Multimedia to the max!
    OK so your arms are aching and your chandeliers smashed, it’s time to take a break from the energetic pursuits involved in day-to-day gaming and spend some quality time with your new love really getting to know the true capabilities of the Nintendo Wii.

    MOVIES: Tired of sitting alone in your bedroom watching movies on your PC? Whilst designed as a fun, family friendly console, the Wii is harbouring hidden secrets! – it has the ability to play your PC movie files. But how on earth are you going to be able to convert DivX files, AVI files and MPEG movies into the MJPEG format? Via an easy to use PC interface Xploder Cheat Saves automatically converts movies for Wii playback, including non copy-protected DVD VOB files.

    MUSIC & PHOTOS: Create custom slideshows by transferring converted images and music straight from the PC to your SD card.

By Garv