From the press release:

    NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 10, 2007 – XS Games today announced it has signed an agreement with Archangel Studios and writer/creator Christian Gossett to publish video games based on its Eisner Award-nominated comic series, The Red Star. Developed by XS Games for the PlayStation┬«2 computer entertainment system, The Red Star is anticipated to be released on April 24, 2007.

    Enter a world of chaotic warfare, industrial technology, and arcane magic in a parallel universe, where soldiers of a Soviet-style superpower fight for their liberty and their lives against the powerful forces of an evil Dark Lord and his ruthless assassin.

    Game features include:
    – Three playable legendary warriors, each with unique fighting skills and weapons
    – Two-player cooperative gameplay that lets you enter the fray with a friend
    – Relentless action that seamlessly blends brutal melee with “old-school” shooter gameplay
    – Unlockable secret characters, hidden gameplay modes and more for extensive replay value

    The Red Star saga follows Sorceress Major Maya Antares and her faithful guardian, combat and weapons expert Kyuzo. Maya and Kyuzo have devoted their lives to the defense of the United Republics of the Red Star (U.R.R.S.), and have victoriously led the crew of the massive battleship, Skyfurnace Konstantinov, through countless battles.

    While entrenched in the war to control the rogue Republic of Nokgorka, Maya and Kyuzo meet a fierce Resistance Fighter named Makita who holds the key that reveals the entire U.R.R.S. too is under the control of the Dark Lord Imbohl and his chief assassin, Troika, the Harvester of Souls. Makita, Kyuzo and Maya unite against Troika’s tyranny. Troika, at the helm of the flagship vessel, the Taktarov, unleashes a deadly assault against the rebels. Under the watchful command of Urik and Maya, Kyuzo and Makita embark upon a final fight to unite the scattered Republics of the Red Star and liberate them from Troika’s rule.

    “The Red Star is an exciting title that we’re thrilled to be bringing to gamers,” said Steve Grossman, CEO of XS Games. “Its unique combination of combat and shooter gameplay styles and the rich universe of its comic book heritage delivers an experience unrivalled on PlayStation 2.”

    The Red Star for the PlayStation 2 is rated T and will be available in North America on April 24, 2007 for $19.99.

By Garv