Players who purchase Dawn of Fantasy will be given a free dragon unit. This offer is only available for a limited time, so jump on it now. Go here to get it.

From the press release:

    Dragons are the pinnacle of creation – a creature capable of destroying entire player towns in Dawn of Fantasy – new MMORTS title from Reverie World Studios. For a limited time you can get an extinct Haunter Dragon with a new purchase of Dawn of Fantasy – directly from the developer This collectable unit valued at 10$ and not available anywhere else inside the game will help the new players leave their burning mark on the bloody world ravaged by war between the races.

    Dawn of Fantasy is one of the first full 3D MMO titles with real-time siege combat. Offering an online evolving environment, in which you will be gathering resources, constructing buildings and walls, directing your citizens, completing quests in service of mighty nobles and fiendish roques, and managing your economy – all within an online realm that grows, works, lives, and breathes even when you log off.

    With everything Dawn of Fantasy has to offer, it’s easy to get distracted by the dynamic, revolving world around you. The only question remaining is: How will you play Dawn of Fantasy? And with the legendary Haunter Dragon at your site – the answer is easy – Burn It!

By Garv

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